Wombstringe Tincture - WishGarden

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Wombstringe Hemostatic Herbal Tincture - Wishgarden

Unwanted spotting and drawn-out bleeding during menstruation and after labor can be difficult to deal with. We recommend trying WishGarden Herbs' Wombstringe Tincture, an herbal blend containing hemostatic herbs that act as a natural uterine astringent to resolve unwanted bleeding. Recommended for professional use only. 

Active Ingredients: Shepherd's Purse aerial, Bayberry rootbark, Witch Hazel bark, Cinnamon bark

Other Ingredients: Organic gluten-free alcohol, vegetable glycerine and Rocky Mountain spring water

Short Description:
Uterine Astringent to Resolve Unwanted Spotting
*Recommended for Professional Use Only