Amnihooks, Amnicots, Amnicators

Cascade Health Care carries the most popular brands of amniotic hooks. Amnihook amniotic membrane perforators are used for the safe and secure rupturing of amniotic membranes (amniorrhexis) before and during labor. Our selection includes our best-selling Medline plastic disposable sterile amniotic hook, Mabis amniotic membrane perforators, the curved Mityhook amniotome, metal reusable amnihooks, and Amnicot fingercots with hooks. We also carry Amnicator sterile fluid indicator swabs and Accutest pH paper for amniotic fluid tests. 

At Cascade Health Care, we offer multi-unit discounts on all amniotic hooks and amniotic membrane perforators, and we don’t charge sales tax when you order directly from us online. Shop our available collection of amnihooks for sale to ensure you have the tools on hand when you need them.