Suturing Kits & Instruments

Cascade HealthCare Products carries a complete selection of instruments used for suturing. You can choose instruments from the top suppliers including  Vantage, König, and Miltex.

Based on our years of experience of working with midwives, Cascade has designed complete suture kits. We offer three options for our Basic Suturing kit, each complete with the same components by different top name brands: Vantage, König and Miltex. Our Cascade Suturing Kit Deluxe is specially assembled with Miltex and Vantage brand name tools, each one carefully chosen to fulfill specific suturing requirements.

Vantage is one of the best floor-grade lines on the market with instruments made in Pakistan that provide effective and affordable use popular among midwives and practitioners interested in an economical option. König is an excellent mid-range brand offering stainless steel German design for quality generic instruments. Miltex is one of the oldest and most trusted suppliers of high-quality medical equipment, offering a lifetime warranty for their products. All Miltex products are German-made and stainless steel. Carb-N-Sert premium grade instruments have Tungsten Carbide inserts seamlessly bonded to the upper and lower blades and jaws of the highest quality German crafted stainless steel scissors, needle holders and forceps. Tungsten Carbide instruments maintain their sharpness much longer than standard stainless steel instruments.