Gauze Sponges

Cascade Health Care provides all of the essentials that medical personnel need day-in and day-out to provide proper patient care. All the gauze we carry is comprised of the highest-quality materials. We offer 100% cotton U.S.P. Type VII gauze sponges in a variety of sizes. We also offer gauze sponges made up of rayon and polyester, as well as non-woven, post-operative medical gauze sponges from Medline, which is a trusted brand when it comes to providing quality medical supplies at economical prices. We also carry Kerlix gauze sponges that are made of pre-washed, fluff-dried woven gauze with a crinkle weave pattern.

Keep your facility and kits stocked with the medical gauze sponges and other essentials you need as a healthcare practitioner. We offer bulk discounts on larger orders and do not charge sales tax for any purchases.