Huntleigh Obstetric

Huntleigh Obstetric Dopplers are one of the best selling dopplers worldwide and they offer a selection to meet the needs of all childbirth professionals. Choose from the audio only D920 & D930 or the FD1+, FD3, SR2, SR3, SR2R, or SR3R with digital displays and waterpoof probes.  The FD2 and SRX/SRXR with digital display feature interchangeable standard probes. Huntleigh is a leading brand in the medical industry, known for reliable and innovative equipment. With Huntleigh Dopplex technology, medical professionals can accurately monitor fetal heart rates during prenatal checkups. Our team at Cascade Health Care understands the importance of precision and reliability in medical equipment, which is why we proudly provide Huntleigh Obstetric Dopplers for our customers.

Cascade Health Care offers not only the best prices on all Huntleigh Obstetric Dopplers but we also offer multi unit discounts and we do not charge sales tax.