Intraoperative Systems

The Huntleigh Intraoperative Dopplex Probe Systems are designed for surgical use and feature easy to use sterilized single-use probes. For those looking for a complete system, we offer Probe Starter Packs with your choice of a D900 Mini Dopplex, SD2 Super Dopplex, DMX Doppex, or DMXR Rechargeable Dopplex. If you already own a Huntleigh D900, SD2, MD2, DMX or DMXR  Dopplex Vascular Doppler you can order the Probe Starter Pack and convert your existing doppler for surgical use.

Here at Cascade Health Care, we pave the way for industry-leading technology and devices. Our diverse range of tools lends a hand in ensuring practices and facilities offer safe, ethical, and optimized patient care. Our collection of Huntleigh Dopplers features the most diverse inventory of systems to equip your medical space with an edge over competitors. Finding reputable, leading brands you can trust is one of the most challenging aspects of operating a facility. Shop our premium collection of intraoperative doppler systems or convert your existing Huntleigh doppler to an intraoperative system. Here at Cascade, your medical facility needs are met and exceeded with our diverse range of equipment and devices. Shop with us today to grab your Huntleigh or other leading brand tools.