LifeDop Vascular Dopplers

Wallach Surgical offers the complete Summit LifeDop® series of Dopplers and probes that allow you to easily detect blood flow for vascular assessment. LifeDop probes are highly sensitive to make locating blood vessels easier. And with Cascade Health Care, you can shop the premium collection for your medical facility or organization. Our collection of LifeDop vascular dopplers features a wide range of options, including 150R, 150A, 250R, 250AR, and many others. We are committed to providing the medical community with a well-rounded selection of tools and supplies so that everyone can offer patients the care they deserve with timely, accurate results and assessments. Select any of our Summit LifeDop vascular dopplers; best of all, you won’t have to pay any sales tax on your purchase. When you need quality you can rely on and unparalleled customer support, choose Cascade Health Care today. We look forward to fulfilling your medical supply needs!