Sanitary Pads/Cold Pads

At Cascade Health Care, we believe in providing individuals and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to provide proper medical care to new mothers and more. After all, we know that finding sanitary maternity pads isn't always easy. This is why we stock a wide selection of sizes with varying absorbency levels. We support this supply with the necessary provisions, including cold packs and briefs, to aid in recovery after any birth.

Sanitary maternity pads are sized to provide a little extra coverage during pregnancy and after birth than standard sanitary pads. Among our collection of postpartum pads, you can also find useful accessories such as our selection of mesh briefs, Wings adult briefs, and pull-on adult underwear, which can be used to help securely hold sanitary pads in place. But we also carry a selection of perineal cold maternity pads to help alleviate post-birth swelling.

We are proud to announce that we always offer bulk discounts on all orders of sanitary maternity pads and cool pads for after birth. All purchases made directly from us will incur no sales tax. Shop with Cascade Health Care today for your medical practice or organization and offer each patient high-quality care through the use of high-quality supplies.