Birth Pool Hoses

We understand the intricacies and the profound importance of the birthing experience. That's why our birth pool hoses are designed with the professional midwife and the expecting family in mind. These practical and durable birthing pool hoses ensure a safe and serene birth environment. Lead-free hose ensures the water filling your birth pool is as clean and safe as possible.

Our high-quality hose for birthing pools paired with a faucet adapter allows for seamless connection to most faucets, reducing the stress of setup and ensuring that your focus remains on the birthing process. This piece of equipment is easy to use, echoing our commitment to providing solutions that facilitate a positive and calm birthing atmosphere.

Our birth pool hoses reflect Cascade Health Care's dedication to supporting midwives and families through quality, reliability, and safety. Please note: if you are reusing hoses for multiple births, you must purchase two - one dedicated for filling and one dedicated for draining only - to avoid contamination.