New parents have a lot of questions. That’s why Cascade Health Care sells newborn baby dolls for teaching and other models to help medical providers give their patients the answers they need. Our anatomically correct newborn dolls help doctors, nurses, and midwives demonstrate care practices and walk their patients through infant care. Parents aren’t the only ones who can benefit from newborn dolls, though. These baby models for teaching new parents are also the perfect gift for a soon-to-be older sibling learning more about their newest family member.

Cascade Health Care also provides baby bottle tooth decay models to help educate parents on the risks of sugary drinks. Our infant and newborn care models are the perfect educational material to help prepare expecting parents so that they’re ready for their little one to arrive.

We provide a selection of newborn nursery dolls and medical dolls for teaching new parents the basics of childcare and child safety. Browse our products today to find the best resources for you and your clients. Any purchases made from Cascade Health Care are free from sales tax, and we offer discounts on bulk orders. Contact us with any questions.