Ultrasound and Laser Gels

At Cascade Health Care, we pride ourselves on providing all of the essential products that health-care professionals, midwives, and nurses need to provide the best care, including bulk ultrasound coupling gel and laser gel. Our selection of medical ultrasound and laser gels are designed for use with ultrasound machines, pocket Dopplers, and lasers.

As a conductive medium of sound, medical ultrasound gel is a necessity prior to conducting an abdominal ultrasound scan. This is because the sound waves generated by an ultrasound probe are not very good at traveling through air. The use of thick, sticky ultrasound coupling gel helps to ensure that no extra air or space is present between the transducer and the abdomen, allowing for the display of clear ultrasound images.

Choose from the well-known Parker Laboratories Aquasonics Clear, fragrance-free and dye-free Ultrasound Gel, or McKesson's generic, clear Ultrasound & Laser Gel.