Lanolin & Balms

At Cascade Health Care, we understand that the breastfeeding journey, while beautiful, can sometimes be accompanied by discomfort. That's why we carry an innovative breastfeeding nipple relief solution, designed specifically with nursing mothers in mind. Lanolin for breastfeeding provides immediate, soothing relief from sore and cracked nipples, helping mothers continue their breastfeeding journey with more comfort and less pain. Trust in Cascade Health Care to support you with high-quality and trusted products during this special bonding time with your baby.

Cascade Health Care carries Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin and Earth Mama Vegan Nipple Butter for relief from nipple soreness and dryness. Both products are designed specially for breastfeeding mothers and are safe for use when breastfeeding.

Lansinoh was founded by a breastfeeding mom nearly 30 years ago to provide much needed supplies for nursing mothers worldwide. Lansinoh offers highly purified anhydrous (HPA) lanolin to soothe and protect sore, dry, and cracked nipples. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin provides the safest, most effective relief for breastfeeding moms experiencing nipple soreness and all it takes is a pea-sized amount after each feeding to provide relief to nipples.

Earth Mama Organics has been a trusted source for health and wellness in pregnancy, motherhood, and childbirth for over 20 years.