Cascade Health Care carries the most important medical implements needed for any medical organization and supplies them to facilities and birth centers around the country. Here you can find our selection of safety lancets for newborns, children, and adults. With affordable prices and secure, reliable shipping, Cascade Health Care is your go-to source for the best lancing devices.

Safety lancets, also sometimes referred to as blood lancets, are an important medical implement that every birth center or healthcare facility needs to have on hand at all times. Used for capillary blood sampling, lancets are needles or small double-edged blades similar to a scalpel. In our selection, you can find disposable lancets and lancing devices suitable for a range of patient needs and ages.

We carry Gentleheel™, BD QuikHeel™ and Tenderfoot™ safety lancets for infants and newborns. For adults, we carry a good selection of blood lancets including needle type, blade type, as well as lancing devices. We offer multi-unit discounts on larger orders, and you will incur no sales tax on any purchases made from Cascade Health Care. Shop our distinct inventory of lancet devices and supplies and ensure your facility puts forth the safest, ethical medical care to patients of any age.