Oxygen Regulators

At Cascade Health Care, we understand the critical role that reliable, accurate oxygen delivery plays in a midwife's arsenal of tools. We meticulously curated our selection of oxygen regulators to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Engineered with precision, our regulators offer consistent oxygen flow to ensure that you can confidently provide the best care for mothers and infants.

Our oxygen regulators are from Western Medica and have been chosen for their ease of use and durability. Choose from click style or the gauge style.  Our oxygen regulators are ideal for childbirth professionals and others who need a regulator for use when administering oxygen and require a flow rate from 1/4 to 15 LPM.

Whether you're attending a home birth or working in a clinic, our regulators and oxygen regulator replacement parts are lightweight, durable, and easy to adjust, making them the perfect companion for any situation. Trust Cascade Health Care to keep you prepared for every breath.