Cascade offers a complete selection of childbirth educational materials ideal for the instruction and training of childbirth professionals. Our labor and birth education tools include supplies to place in offices demonstrating the stages of delivery to post-delivery tear care. These childbirth education models and training materials can be used in either group or one-on-one settings. Our selection includes wall & tabletop charts, childbirth models, delivery models, power points, and handouts for expectant parents.

You can order complete childbirth educational model sets or the individual pieces as standalone purchases. These individual pieces include pelvic models, fetal models, placenta models, and perineal models. These models are ideal for use in childbirth education classes, teaching childbirth to parents, and teaching childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, nurse midwives, and obstetrical nurses.

Providing childbirth educational materials can give mothers more confidence before delivery and to give them the tools to help themselves and their child postnatal. Browse our selection of childbirth education materials and models today. We offer multi-unit discounts, and your purchases will not incur any sales tax. Need some assistance finding the right materials? Contact us with any questions about our childbirth education supplies.