Blood Transfer Device

Cascade Health Care is proud to present quality blood transfer devices; they’re designed to meet the critical needs of healthcare professionals in obtaining and handling blood samples with the utmost precision and care. The BD Vacutainer® blood transfer devices ensure the seamless and safe transfer of blood to blood collection tubes.

Key to our product lineup is our emphasis on safety and compliance. Each BD blood transfer device is engineered with a needleless transfer mechanism, dramatically reducing the risk of needle stick injuries, which pose a significant concern in the healthcare industry. This design prioritizes the safety of healthcare workers and enhances patients' comfort and reassurance during the blood collection process.

These blood transfer devices are compatible with common blood collection tubes, making them invaluable tools in various settings, from hospitals to private clinics and fieldwork. Trust Cascade Health Care for your midwifery and healthcare needs. With us, quality and safety intersect to facilitate superior patient care.