Huntleigh ABI Systems

Huntleigh Vascular ABI Systems

Cascade Health Care understands that time-efficient and cost-saving medical testing systems are essential in the healthcare field. We provide a wide array of beneficial products designed for the assessment of ankle-brachial index (ABI) and toe-brachial index (TBI). For fast, efficient, and easily obtainable results, you can’t go wrong with user-friendly Huntleigh Dopplex machines. These ABI solutions accurately assess arterial disease and neuropathy to help improve clinical pathways for patients.

Select from the Huntleigh ABI systems available for application in primary care clinics, home care, or hospital settings. Our online inventory includes the Dopplex ABI Kit or Dopplex Ability ABI System. Uncover further info, description details, and specifications about these ABI doppler machine models on their product pages.