Pulse Oximeters

Cascade Health Care offers the hospital-grade Masimo Rad-G Medical Pulse Oximeter with both a pediatric/adult reusable sensor and a multisite reusable sensor, so it can be used as a portable pulse oximeter for infants and newborns. With two reusable sensors you get both a reliable pediatric pulse oximeter and a medical-grade infant pulse oximeter that meets newborn CCHD screening requirements.

The Rad-G, and any of our other neonatal pulse oximeters, is ideal for those wanting a high-quality oximeter that offers the highest sensitivity and specificity in identifying desaturation events during conditions of motion and low perfusion.

Cascade also carries professional-quality finger pulse oximeters for medical use with adults and children. Browse below for the right device for your applications. Purchases made from Cascade Health Care do not include any sales tax, and we also offer multi-unit discounts on bulk purchases.