Childbirth Skills

Cascade carries a great selection of professional-quality childbirth simulators and childbirth training models used for the training of childbirth professionals, midwives, nurses, educators, students, and more. This selection of products will help teach the skills needed for a childbirth professional by allowing them to practice delivery, abdominal palpitations, cervical dilation progress, and more.

At Cascade Health Care, we personally curate our selection of products, and we carry only the best childbirth simulators and childbirth training products from the most well-known educational model companies in the world. This includes manufacturers such as 3B Scientific, Childbirth Graphics, Health Edco, Life/form, Nasco, and Simulaids.

When you purchase childbirth simulators and other training materials from Cascade Health Care, your purchases will incur no sales tax. We also offer bulk discounts on multi-unit orders.