Labor & Birth Models

Our selection of Labor & Birth Models are a great way for childbirth educators and others to teach expectant parents about the various stages of labor, birth and afterbirth as well as the processes involved. Trust Cascade Health Care to be your partner when your classroom, clinic, or practice needs appropriate birth models. We value the distinct need for adequate resources and education, and our selection equips each provider, professional, educator, and parent-to-be with the information and knowledge to feel prepared and informed. Our childbirth educational models feature life-like infants, simulators, labor stage models, birthing models, placenta models, fetal models, and so much more. Grab one of each to let your space be the ultimate resource for childbirth education demands in your area. Shop our inventory of childbirth education tools; you’ll receive your products quickly and efficiently. All purchases from Cascade Health Care qualify for a no-sales-tax incentive, so don’t wait! Shop our selection today.