Imex Dopplers

Cascade Health Care is proud to offer a customized selection of Imex Dopplers and accompanying supplies. Browse our selection of Imex Elite Handheld Dopplers and the longtime Cascade best seller, Imex PocketDop II. We strive to provide each healthcare professional with top-of-the- line tools and equipment so that each patient they serve receives the highest level of care. Our distinct collection of Imex Doppler systems and replacement parts will equip your medical facility and healthcare space with premium medical-grade tools. In addition to Dopplers we feature replacement batteries, Imex probes, high-quality roll stands, ABI cuffs, and more. What’s more, each customer we serve can enjoy a sales-tax-free purchase. When your facility needs new or replacement Imex Dopplers, Cascade Health Care is your trusted source. Shop our complete inventory of supplies and tools today, or partner with a member of our team to learn more!