Huntleigh Dopplers

At Cascade Health Care, we carry Doppler systems of the highest quality and from the finest manufacturers. Huntleigh Doppler systems have made a number of tremendously innovative advancements with their suite of products. For example, the Huntleigh Ability Automatic Vascular ABI System has revolutionized ABI testing, as it is an easy-to-use Huntleigh ABI machine that can rapidly and automatically capture ABI measurements with unerring accuracy. We also currently carry the Huntleigh DMX Dopplex ABI kit for ankle-brachial tests and arterial disease assessments as well as the DFK ABI Kit for diabetic foot assessments.

Browse our selection of Huntleigh Doppler systems and kits and choose from the Huntleigh Ability Automatic Vascular ABI System with fast, accurate results, the DMX Dopplex ABI Kit, or the DFK systems with your choice of Doppler.