Nipple Shields & Breast Pumps

Cascade Health Care proudly offers a wide selection of breastfeeding supplies from Medela Nipple Shields and SoftShells to Haakaa silicone breast pumps and more. Medela designed their non-sterile Nipple Shields to be effective tools for mothers who are breastfeeding infants with latch-on problems or overactive let-downs. Our selection of supplies is designed to deliver relief breastfeeding discomforts from sore and cracked nipples, to swelling and tenderness.

Medela also designed the SoftShells for inverted and sore nipples. SoftShells help solve the nipple soreness and inverted or flat nipples experienced by breastfeeding mothers. SoftShells help draw out flat/inverted nipples with soft, flexible backs. They are designed to allow air circulation, to maintain comfort and to be discreet beneath clothing. Whether you need a Medela nipple shield, manual breast pump, or soothing heat packs, you can trust Cascade Health Care to offer a wide range of supplies to support breastfeeding mothers.

Let Cascade Health Care support you and all your patients with our most-trusted Medela nipple shields, silicone breast pumps, and more. We value the breastfeeding journey and understand the importance of reputable aids. Our selection of breastfeeding supplies and support aids from heat packs for breastfeeding to handheld pumps underpins our efforts to ensure a smoother, more pleasurable breastfeeding experience for all. Shop our selection and pay no sales tax on your final purchase.