Hemoglobin Analyzers

Portable and accurate hemoglobin test meters that are ideal for midwives, medical offices, nurse midwives, visiting nurses, medical assistants, ems personnel, and other healthcare professionals that need portable and reliable hemoglobin meters. We also carry a large selection of hemoglobin test meter accessories, including capillary tubes, test cartridges, control sets, optical verifiers, and sensors.

Choose the Aimstrip Hb System that stands out from its competitors not only in performance but also in price. The Pronto Pulse Co-Oximeter performs non-invasive (no blood draw required) hemoglobin tests and also does SP02, PR, and PI on adults and children weighing over 27 pounds.

Cascade Health Care provides bulk unit discounts of all hemoglobin test meters and accessories, and orders from us will incur you no sales tax. Stock up today.