Huntleigh Vascular Dopplers

Cascade Health Care provides industry professionals with reputable and desirable brands to ensure adequate and ethical patient care. Our range of Huntleigh dopplers and vascular dopplers features the most diverse options from D900, SD2, DMX, and DMXR. Our collection suits a wide range of professional medical demands and serves vascular surgeons, practitioners, and all other providers with handheld, bi-directional functions. We know how challenging it is to find dependable and quality tools and devices for medical offices and practices. With our selection, however, we make that task easy. Check out our comprehensive range of Huntleigh Dopplex dopplers and others to equip yourself with the industry’s best.

Huntleigh Vascular Dopplers include the D900, SD2DMX and DMXR Dopplers, the Dopplex Ability ABI System, Dopplex ABI Kit, and Dopplex ATP Kit. Choose from  hand held audio only dopplers, hand held dopplers that display bi directional blood flow, dopplers for ABI and ABI Systems.