IV Supplies

Our selection of IV training supplies includes teaching aids for injection training and products for IV Therapy. Whether you are looking for full starter kits or individual catheters and injection sites, our selection of IV equipment is extensive. We also carry IV supply bags that provide a convenient way to organize and transport IV insertion supplies. Each item in our selection caters to medical professionals of all degrees and avenues, ensuring each provider is equipped with the necessary and appropriate instruments and devices. We offer IV supplies wholesale so that providers can gain affordable access to the things they need the most.

IV Solutions are considered to be a pharmaceutical ingredient and because of this, we are unable to carry these fluids.

Cascade Health Care is proud to announce that the purchases made from us will not include any sales tax. We also offer multi-unit discounts on any order of our intravenous injection equipment and all other products. Shop today and ensure your medical practice has the tools you need on hand to offer high-quality patient care.