Enema Products

Are you in need of medical-grade enema supplies for facility or at-home use? Our health care supply shop offers a selection of pre-assembled enema products to stimulate movement and safely relieve the bowels. Cascade Health Care carries ready-to-use enema bags, enema buckets, fleet enemas, and Sunmark enema saline laxatives for sale. These general-purpose enema supplies are intended for gastro-intestinal use—and they’re ideal for occasional constipation relief or colon cleansing.

Shop our current inventory for single-use enema bucket sets or fleet-style enema saline pre-mixed laxatives in disposable bottles. For further information concerning optimal usage conditions or considerations, we recommend fully following device instructions and consulting with a health care professional. As with any product Cascade carries, feel free to reach out to our customer service team for personalized purchasing guidance.