Soap & Antiseptics

Cascade Health Care is a trustworthy supplier of antiseptic solutions, towelettes, and liquid medical soap. We carry a wide selection of non-toxic sanitizing products—from bulk solutions to prep pads—for an array of health care applications. Our current collection that you can buy directly from our website includes povidone iodine solution, medical antiseptic wipes or towelettes, hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, germicidal wipes, surgical detergents, and more. 

Besides our available medical-grade soap, have you seen our extensive selection ofProfessional Products? FromFetoscopesandLancetsto DeLee Suction Catheter andSutures, a variety of our medical equipment and health care products is sure to meet your facility's specific needs.Just click herefor our complete Professional Products section. Browse today, or reach out with any questions.