Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes

Cascade Health Care is your premier supplier for Welch Allyn ophthalmoscopes and related supplies, including the highly sought-after rechargeable ophthalmoscope handles. Our extensive range of Welch Allyn products offers precision and reliability for all medical professionals. The 3.5 V Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Handle for the ophthalmoscope ensures longevity and uninterrupted usage. We also offer the Welch Allyn Standard Diagnostic Set, which includes a coaxial ophthalmoscope head and a nickel cadmium rechargeable/convertible handle. Our Welch Allyn ophthalmoscopes deliver superior performance and enhanced patient comfort. Partner with Cascade Health Care for all your medical equipment needs and experience our commitment to quality, efficiency, and excellent customer service. We’re proud to offer all our medical professionals a sales-tax-free shopping experience for superior affordability and reliability!