Birth Pool in a Box, Personal

Creating an intimate, comfortable birthing environment is ideal for any birth experience. The Birth Pool in a Box (personal) will provide comfort and confidence in its safety and utility. The sturdy, eco-friendly structure ensures reliability during your most crucial moments; it offers a serene oasis for both mother and baby. Its spacious yet cozy layout allows for freedom of movement and various birthing positions, promoting a calm labor process. With the Birth Pool in a Box (personal), Cascade Health Care stands beside each mother, supporting a powerful and beautiful start to the new chapter of life.

The Birth Pool in a Box eco water birth pools for personal use are high quality, inflatable water birth tubs that are eco-friendly, provide many features designed to ensure a safe water birth and have been used worldwide by over 40,000 women at home, in birth centers and in hospitals.

Birth Pool in a Box Personal use birthing tubs are available in two sizes: regular and mini. These water birth pools are designed for individual use at home and in birth centers.