Needles Only

Our team at Cascade Health Care understands the importance of precise and reliable supplies in the practice of medicine. That's why we proudly offer BD PrecisionGlide needles, designed with healthcare professionals and patients in mind. These needles are renowned for their reliability and consistency, ensuring every application is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Regular bevel BD PrecisionGlide needles feature a sharp, beveled edge that allows for easier skin penetration. This results in a more pleasant experience for patients, making your job as a healthcare provider a bit easier. The needles are also designed for durability and strength, reducing the risk of bending or breakage during use. 

At Cascade Health Care, we proudly support midwives and other healthcare professionals with top-quality products that enhance the care experience. Explore our range of BD PrecisionGlide needles and discover the difference quality makes in your practice.

BD PrecisionGlide® Regular Bevel Needles are for general and specialized use, and are available in a wide range of gauges and lengths.