Columbia University Midwifery

At Cascade Health Care, we take pride in supporting midwifery professionals with high-quality, specialized equipment. Our Columbia University midwifery custom kits are thoughtfully designed to meet the practical needs of midwives in training and professional practice. Each Columbia midwifery childbirth kit includes an expertly crafted fetal model and a durable cloth pelvic model, enabling hands-on experience with birthing simulations.

The kit also contains a placenta chorion and cloth perineal model, which provide realistic representations for comprehensive study and practice. To ensure precise measurements during prenatal care, the kit is equipped with a retractable tape measure and our highly accurate Cascade pregnancy wheel.

An optional add-on to consider is our elegant purple fetoscope, which combines advanced acoustics with aesthetic design for effective fetal heart monitoring. Trust Cascade Health Care’s Columbia midwifery educational kits to enhance your midwifery teachings with practical, reliable tools designed for students.