BSE Charts

Breast Self Exam/BSE Charts

Our selection of wall and flip charts are picked for their effectiveness in educating and demonstrating to women the ways they can be proactive in detecting signs of Breast Cancer. The charts offer detailed information as well as clear, color illustrations that make them perfect teaching aids for engaging a wide audience. At Cascade Health Care, we understand the importance of early detection and prevention when it comes to breast cancer. That's why we offer a variety of resources for medical professionals and patients, including informative breast self-exam charts and self breast exam images. These tools can help guide individuals in performing regular self-exams at home, increasing their chances of detecting any abnormalities early on. We encourage all individuals, especially those at a higher risk for breast cancer, to regularly perform self-exams and consult their healthcare provider if they notice any changes. Cascade Health Care proudly offers all our breast self-exam charts sales tax free on all purchases, making them more affordable and accessible than ever. Shop today!