Herbals for Midwives

For busy midwives and others, Cascade Health Care carries a selection of herbal products for pregnancy especially chosen to keep practitioners and pregnant women healthy. Our selection includes Wishgarden herbal tinctures, bulk midwifery herbs, Golden Salve, Rescue Remedy, and more. These herbal products for pregnancy can assist with perineal tears and wounds or provide natural stress relief.

Our tincture kit is full of midwifery herbal tinctures that are specifically designed to be used during labor and delivery. These kits also feature tinctures for use by midwives themselves to decrease their stress levels and to provide heightened focus.

If you’re a midwife in need of midwifery herbal tinctures or other herbal products for pregnancy, contact us today. We offer bulk order discounts and do not charge sales tax on any orders you place.