IV Teaching Models

Our selection of IV Teaching Models  includes a variety of training models with BIOLIKE or BIOLIKE 2, which provides you with the best quality and life-like consistency for training purposes. Specially designed to withstand a high number of repeated injections, these models are durable enough to not show holes. We have selected our injection models to cater to the needs of midwives, nurse-midwives, nurse-practitioners, EMS providers and educational institution teachers offering basic skill training for injection and IV procedures. Let Cascade Health Care lead the way for your professionals and providers with hands-on training and education. Our selection of IV teaching models caters to all providers, ensuring your organization is offering great patient care and services. Equip your labs and techs with on-demand education with our IV training hands and practice arms and further your professionals’ skill sets. We proudly offer a sales-tax-free checkout experience and worldwide shipping.