Lubricating Jelly

Medical-grade lubricating jelly is a gelatinous liquid, typically either water or silicone based, that is used to moisten skin and soften body orifices. Healthcare professionals often keep it on hand to ease insertion of vaginal speculums, rectal thermometers and other instruments that must be put into the body. As our selected surgical lubricants are bacteriostatic, they can be used for virtually any application or procedure. Each of our medical-grade lubricating jelly products is friendly to sperm and microflora alike. Medical Healthcare facilities and organizations must adhere to safe practices when inserting medical instruments into the body, and Cascade Health Care ensures all practices have affordable access to the necessary supplies. Medical lubricants play a role in the safety and comfort of patients and providers. Our complete selection allows you to choose the jelly lubricant that best serves your facility and demographic.

Choose from either Surgilube or our economy McKesson brand available in tubes or packets. We offer multi-unit discounts, and purchases from Cascade Health Care will not incur any sales tax fees.