BSE Displays

Breast Self Exam/BSE Table Top Displays

Our selection of displays are picked for their effectiveness in educating and demonstrating to women the ways they can be proactive in detecting signs of Breast Cancer. The majority of the table top displays we carry have an interactive, tactile component that makes them perfect teaching aids for engaging a wide audience. We understand the importance of early detection in breast cancer. That's why at Cascade Health Care, we offer breast self-exam table displays to educate and empower individuals to take charge of their own health. Our display includes self-breast exam instructions, which are crucial for detecting any changes or abnormalities in the breasts and also offer educational advancements to increase awareness. By performing regular self-exams, you can increase your chances of detecting breast cancer in its early stages. Medical facilities and practices can work together to educate their patients with breast self-exam table displays and keep the awareness going. Shop with Cascade Health Care today, and pay no sales tax on your final purchase!