LifeDop Obstetric Dopplers

Summit Lifedop Obstetric Dopplers offer many options and a wide selection of interchangeable probes including waterproof options. Choose from LifeDop 150 audio only or LifeDop 250 with digital display. All LifeDop probes offer enhanced sensitivity for stronger fetal heart rate (FHR) detection. With our comprehensive selection of LifeDop obstetric dopplers, you can guarantee each patient receives quality care, accurate results, and medical supervision. Cascade Health Care makes medical supply inventories easy to obtain with our wide range of options. We are proudly sales tax–free on all orders, making it easy for you to obtain obstetric dopplers and accompanying LifeDop doppler probes. We feature the LifeDop 250AR, 150A, 250R, and much more. With our selection of obstetric dopplers, you’re sure to meet all your clinical needs with comfort and professionalism. Treat your patients with the most trusted equipment when you shop for your supplies from Cascade Health Care!