LifeDop Vascular ABI Systems

Summit by Wallach Surgical offers a complete range of ABI Sytems from the most basic to complete systems that do segmental exams. At Cascade Health Care, we offer a comprehensive selection of LifeDop vascular ABI systems and accessories so that your medical facility can offer superior patient care. We understand the importance of trusting your supplies, so we offer vast inventories with competitive industry prices. We are proudly sales tax–free, so when you shop our inventory of Summit LifeDop ABI systems, there won’t be any surprises at checkout. Get the quality your patients deserve without hassles or inconveniences. Our collection of ABI systems features handheld LifeDop 250 and 300 monitors as well as Summit Vista rolling carts to simplify your workflow. Let Cascade Health Care be your go-to source for all your medical supplies and equipment. We look forward to partnering with you!