ADC Modular Stations

Cascade Health Care carries Adview Pulse Oximeter Modules and Modular Diagnostic Stations. ADC has partnered with Suntech, the premier developer of innovative blood pressure technology, to create the first truly modular diagnostic station that grows with your needs. The three automated modules offer basic blood pressure, thermometry and pulse oximetry and function separately or together as one unit.

Engineered with precision and care, these modular diagnostic stations epitomize versatility and reliability in patient care. Each element has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that healthcare providers can monitor vital signs seamlessly, providing unparalleled accuracy in diagnostics. With its modular design, the Adview 2 modular diagnostic station allows for easy customization according to the specific needs of your practice. Whether you're performing routine checkups or need comprehensive monitoring tools, these stations are built to adapt. With ADC modular stations, you're equipped to meet the unique challenges of patient care and diagnostics.

American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of diagnostic medical products, personal instruments, and accessories for the healthcare industry. For more than a quarter of a century, they have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying blood pressure instruments, and other core diagnostic products that offer a combination of great quality and affordability.