Waterproof Dopplers

Waterproofing an obstetric Doppler probe provides protection against liquid spills and allows the probes to be used in water. What is typically meant by the term “waterproof Doppler” is the combination of a traditional, handheld, or pocket fetal Doppler with a waterproof probe. These waterproof Doppler fetal monitors are excellent instruments to use during a water birth. 

Our selection of waterproof Dopplers is extensive, with each manufacturer offering a unique set of features. We carry Huntleigh, Newman DigiDop, Summit LifeDop, Imex Pocket Dop, Imex DopCT+, and Nicolet Elite waterproof fetal Dopplers. At Cascade Health Care, we also provide multi-unit discounts on all waterproof Dopplers and charge no sales tax. Shop today—or contact us if you have any questions about our products.