Custom Midwife Birth Kits

For over 40 years, midwives have depended upon Cascade Health Care to provide high quality birth kits for their clients. Midwives know that custom midwife birth kits by Cascade feature the highest quality products and that we ship kits immediately. Once you order your home birth kit, Cascade will ensure that your kit arrives within 5-10 days (depending upon destination) and that your kit will be complete.

Custom midwife birth kits on our site are organized by state, and they can then be sorted by name. In our search bar you can also enter either the order number or your midwife's name to find your midwife's home birth kit.

While we do ship kits quickly, we recommend that you order your midwife home birth kit approximately six (6) weeks prior to your due date.  This ensures that no matter when your baby arrives, you are prepared. 

 *Due to sanitation reasons, custom midwife birth kits and disposable birth supplies cannot be returned*