Lancets for Newborns

Newborn and Infant Lancets

Drawing blood for newborn tests is always a challenge and requires a lancet that will ensure a good draw on the first try. There is not one lancet that is right for every practitioner, so we carry a selection of the most commonly used newborn lancets, ones that practitioners have used and liked. As it does help to warm the baby's foot before a blood draw, we also carry infant heel warmers. With Cascade Health Care serving your facility or organization, you have immediate access to the most trusted lancets for newborns. Our collection features reputable and trustworthy names like babyLance™, QuikHeel™, Gentleheel®, and Tenderfoot™. Equip your newborn spaces and professionals with trusted newborn lancets for all your tiny patients. Shop today and take part in a sales-tax-free checkout with worldwide shipping.