Dual Purpose Dopplers

The Huntleigh FD2, SD2, D900, SRX, and DMX dopplers are an excellent option for healthcare practitioners who are seeking a quality, reliable doppler that has the unique ability to function as both an obstetrical and vascular Doppler, simply by changing the probes. For emergency rooms, busy clinics, or even private practices, this is an affordable and effective space-saving option. 

When deciding on a  Dual-Purpose Doppler, it is important to consider the purpose and amount of use for each particular application. If you are using your doppler primarily for obstetrical purposes to hear Fetal Heart Rates (FHR), we recommend the Fetal Dop II (FD2). If the primary use is vascular then we recommend either the D900 Mini Dopplex, the SDII Super Dopplex or the DMX Dopplex. When using an obstetrical probe with a vascular doppler with a digital display you will only get audio sounds; the fetal heart rate will not be displayed on the digital screen.

To order first make your doppler selection, then go to the probe page and add the second probe.