Syringes with Needles

BD Sterile Syringes with PrecisionGlide® Needles help  improve dosage accuracy and virtually eliminate needle pop-off. Our selections includes 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes with a variety of needle gauges and length. We also carry BD Safety-Lok Syringes that are safety-engineered syringes that offer a clear visual confirmation of lock position. At Cascade Health Care, we take pride in providing medical professionals with high-quality equipment to ensure the best possible care for their patients. Healthcare facilities worldwide trust our range of BD sterile syringes and syringes with needles for their precision and safety. We also offer the innovative BD Safety-Lok Syringe, which features a retracting needle to prevent accidental needlestick injuries. Offer your patients and practice the best by going with Cascade Health Care.