Urinary & Foley Catheters

At Cascade Health Care, our number one priority is providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to address typical and specialized patient needs in clinics and practices of all sizes. Here you can find a large selection of medical catheters, which include Rob Nel Dover catheters, Foley catheters, and more.

Among our collection, you can find our red rubber all-purpose catheter, which is soft and flexible to minimize trauma to mucosal tissue. We also carry Foley catheters, women's self-catheterization catheters, fully equipped sterile, urethral catheterization trays, and more. For instructional purposes and individual practice, we also offer female and male catheter models.

Pick up the medical catheters, trays, and catheter models you need from Cascade Health Care today. We offer bulk discounts and do not charge sales tax on any orders.