Pregnancy Models

Cascade Health Care is dedicated to supporting the vital work of midwives and educators with our comprehensive selection of educational pregnancy models. These meticulously crafted tools are designed for accuracy and with an empathetic touch, making complex prenatal concepts accessible and engaging for expectant parents and healthcare professionals alike. Understanding the nuances of pregnancy and childbirth can be daunting, but with Cascade Health Care's selection of pregnancy anatomy models, educators can effortlessly bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical understanding, providing a more immersive and supportive learning environment.

We carry an  extensive selection of pregnancy models that are ideal for childbirth education classes. Whether you are looking for individual models or complete sets, the training models we supply are of great quality and ideal for all educational purposes involving the various stages of pregnancy.

We have selected our pregnancy models to cater to the needs of midwives, nurse-midwives, nurse-practitioners, childbirth educators and others who are involved in teaching about pregnancy and birth.