Cord Banders

Introducing Cascade Health Care’s premium umbilical cord banders—they’re vital tools for any contemporary midwifery practice. Our cord banders ensure safety, precision, and comfort for both the mother and the newborn. Created with high-quality, sterilized materials, these banders provide a reliable solution for midwives, reducing the risk of infection and ensuring a secure closure.

Perfectly suited for clinical and home birth environments, our umbilical cord banders are easy to use, offering professionals a straightforward application process. The ergonomic design facilitates a perfect grip, ensuring efficiency during those critical moments post-delivery. Cascade Health Care is committed to providing top-tier midwifery supplies that support the delicate needs of childbirth. Trust in our expertise and innovation to deliver a product that upholds the highest standards of care. Check out our umbilical cord bands and cord banders today to elevate your practice with our exceptional midwifery supplies.