Fetoscopes/Fetal Stethoscopes

Fetoscopes, also known as fetal stethoscopes, are stethoscopes used for fetal heart rate monitoring. Where the stethoscope has a flat bell ideal for hearing heartbeats through the chest, the fetoscope has a rounded bell, which is more sensitive for hearing a baby's heartbeat through a woman's belly. The rounded bell on a fetal heartbeat stethoscope works by amplifying the sound of the baby's heartbeat. Cascade Health Care’s fetoscopes for sale can be used from approximately 20 weeks' gestation and during the birth process. It is a noninvasive method of monitoring that carries no side effects or risks and does not require the use of extra interventions.

Cascade has the Allen type fetoscope for sale with either black or purple tubing and the aluminum Pinard Horn. Some of our favorite baby heartbeat stethoscopes are no longer manufactured; this includes the Leff Fetoscope, the Allen Series 10, and the Delee Hillis Fetoscope.