Human Skeletons

Cascade Health Care carries a large selection of anatomical human skeletons. Medical universities, anatomy schools, and various medical professions can use these replicas as essential educational tools. We ensure each of the human skeletal models we carry is of the highest quality to ensure unbreakable flexibility and rigidity.

Our selection of anatomically correct skeleton models includes life-size human skeletons and miniature skeleton models. We also carry skeletal system models that display muscles and ligaments as they would appear along the skeleton.

Last is our variety of hand skeleton and foot skeleton models, which features only the skeletal system of the hands or feet. However, we do have options available that include the muscles and ligaments.

Cascade Health Care offers bulk discounts on all purchases of human skeletons, and all orders of our anatomical products incur no sales tax. Outfit your medical practice or classrooms with the realistic human skeleton models you need today.